​The Job

ofcourse income higher is good for living.

But People’s degnity isn’t determined by Income diffirences.

Any single job are demamded desparately.That’s whay the job is existance.

There is no need to be despire yourself.

Cleaning other people’s shit on urinal.

Make smile to sell for 2dollor hamberger.

Candidate data fill in company’s plat form.

stink lots to pick up fishing or cattle at middle of nowhere.

Selling party stuff fight with authority.

Standing ticket check at entrance.

Important is love own job.

Work passion can’t teach.

Passion is created by ourselves.

And it brings give it something diffirent results or good epidemic to related people or society even not reflected income directly.

But there is “achivement feeling”

That’s simply awesome.

there’s no need to despire your job