​Travel life

I often told ”jearous you travel lots”

In a way yes.

But mostly I am jearous of normal guys can be settle one place.

My reality is waking up morning same as ordinary people. communication with family clients and cleaning and mail check and ,laundry and food shopping during full tension to website in every city.

Even I lead to potential client to contact mobile directly.Never does lately.

It means I had to stand-by on PC  all the time.And thier way of talking is extremely rough and insecured. 

there’s no time to play around like a ordinary people can do “vacation” (my partner give me vacation fortunately)

it just changed living place what ordinary people does in one place.

Each countries very diffirent of selling items. It is hard to get find same items which is laundy detergent,salt and paper any single items.

and it is way costly.

If fortune I get work,But treat as human is quite rarely.And terrified society discrimination.

Any single government doesn’t understood oldest work’s speciality. and never accept to keep moving necessary on the other hands IT is allowed. working allowness is quite few area and it isn’t uncertain tomorrow survival. because nobody knows and can tell reality in the each cities’s feature and government policy.

That’s really have to change in the future gathering info by player base.

It is benefit that player can look each cities’s good or social problems.

but It is not benefit enough to terrified life day by day ➖

I had a bit rough messaged got by Potencial. I need to be out inside complaining.