​Why Family?

I grew up in country side.

fortunately family accept who I am.

But Everyone knows neibour can’t accept this without words.

So even I am first born male,they let me go out from the country society.

And also my family doesn’t get along each other to be back home cheering up.

We are fight each other let down each other.

I grew up as gay culture in Tokyo.

Hidden,insecured,complecated,surface relationships and friendships.

I was fed up the poor humanity really.

Then time was came when I had arrived in Australia.

I was lowest working class and Loser to start time seller.

But reallity was diffirent.

Friend from share house, Client from sauna is very humanity and respect me and support with strong hope and liberal.

They are the “family” more than anything in my history.

5years past now,I have connection with them without nothing diffirent.I believe work relationship is special for me still.

Regular Client is my family which warm atmosphere and can open to talk anything and trust them.and I am same existance for them.

If you feel good or lust or whatever something in me,shall we be family?

My door is always opened for good gentle man.