​Ugly’s Behaving Style

The world is inequality.

ABBA sang “Winner take all”

It is all true.

Handsome man take every guys (girls).

But Universe gives all men to “good point”

Some are gorgous dick given instead of mask.

Some are status or carrer given(taken).

Some are generous heart more than deep blue ocean.

Then, paciently have to wait the timing to show to your precious man (or girl).

The chance is given all men.

Never lose or timing.

otherwise ugly will fail.

Some ugly my friends told me nobody likes them.

But looking them well, Thier man hunt is next to next.Never forcus one man paciently.

It is “winner”‘s behaving.

Heaps Ugly have to wait and focus one man.(or girl)

I was a overweight(150cm/70kg 5″/150pound) boy.

I have been there.