-Your Advice must be useful to disabled person's sexual life-

Somebody can give me advice how my service will be used to disabled persons widely.....except I should be born in Caucasian or I am not attractive to them.

I don't have not so much contact from them lately.


If I need to learn and attend to something seminar each case,of course I am very positive to join it instead of learning Dutch.?


Differences of each countries cities stance also.but only English speaking countries except The Netherlands and Switzerland.

-That's New York-

Did you remembered I got marriage proposal from guy in Rockefeller family(I do not want to be killed by hitman,I don't show name) when I lived in NYC?

I got a phone call again from him.

Such as 3years absence.


It was early morning again,But fortunately he is sober.

We had a great talk this time.


He is still looking for his Mr,right.

I could explain i have fiancé and he is accepting my work and strong passion to Escorting.So my family share me and life eternity.


But I couldn't explain well or his sadness emotion dominant to block this useful information.


Then The End is same like last time.

Nearly I couldn't hear what he said but suddenly hang up calling


I guess not that so many people can be beyond my fiancé.

Independent n strong patient n fairness n care n respect n down to earth n give me free will.also he can change his belief when he realized another one is right....even Scorpion.

Then,little clumsy❤️?


I felt nothing about Rockefeller guy even hang up roughly.

I surprised myself about my growing up.

And could text him that his way of End is horrible.also blocked his number.

Because I only use my time to my family.


No exception people who is authorities or has 70 percents of wealth of world.

When people be a naked nobody upper or below.

All same.


This is Nari way.

I love you Craig❤️ and my families?

Arigato and Thank you

I like English(please don't point out I need learning)
Sound quite comfortable and I feel that this language has lots of space of listener and reader's imagination.

(lots of misunderstood happened also....)


Anyway,so I use in English normal life.

Especially "thanks" "Thank you"Quite rhythmical.

Telling n being told lots like a positive floods.


Normally I don't use in Japanese especially writing.

Because Japanese have being developed by books and letters.

So Even skip and make short words,It is quite long sentence and have to express by words.


Such as heavy language,I use it or coming from my mouth naturally when I moved or strong grateful feeling whether or not person knows about Japanese.


Arigato pronounce is A-ri-ga-to-(o).4 or 5 strong sounds need to express.

It is double than in English.


Also Arigato origin is "happening rarely".The matters happened rarely brings strong grateful feelings.


If My mouse provide Arigato,Double depth of thanks and grateful meaning.