Rehab Diary

Craft n drawing class is ? gems for me!!!

Rehab Diary

This is for my sisiter Hana.

Hope She likes it!

Rehab Diary

Mike and Me and daisy and etcetc..

Coocked 30-35 people's dish today.

Was yum!

i cook Miso-soup!:)

Rehab Diary 

It is so fun Craft!

i am a beese Artist now ?‍? hahaha

Life is Beautiful.

I realized any single experience is Quite good effect to me.

(I know I made tough experienced to 3 people!!!!)


based Grateful of them,I am telling  it.

Any moments All Great:)


And Other pacients are multi Back ground and each cases Very diffirent.

But What I can say is people in Here is everybody good personality and very liberal and true people.


I have a most great humanity experience in Rotterdam History.


I am vey happy where I am in Now.


I will have rest A week half and 2 weeks.


And I move new place to privacy and noise protected.


And Will start my business with whole clean and refreshed Nari ❤?❤?

See you soon.


29th March,2017

Lots of ❤️ 


Nari is safe. 

Nari is safe. 
He is currently getting treatment in the rehab clinic. 
I'm Hana Sato, a best friend of him and living with him. I'm writing this post to let you know what has been happened to him.
Whenever he get stressed out, he has tried to work out the problem by using methamphetamine and it brought him psychosis after all. His brain couldn't tell reality anymore and he has never seen such a realistic hallucination before so he couldn't accept that everything is hallucination.
On 19th of March, he was supposed to visit his client in Germany. But when he took the train in Amsterdam, he thought all the passengers are his enemies and they're going to kill him. 
I picked him up near Switzerland and took him to an emergency hospital and the doctors recognized that he has psychosis and needs to stay in the clinic.
He had been confused and frustrated but finally he could tell reality when I visited him yesterday. 
He still has to stay there at least 3 weeks and I'm doing my best to help him. I believe he can get better soon because he's motivated to get treatment by professional support and looking forward to meeting you again. 
Thank you for reading.

Good morning!

Office hour on Rim chair.

Payment method increased.

I registered paypal few weeks ago.

Bitcoin wallet registered today.

Cash,banktransfer is as usual.


If concern the privacy on electron(bank transfer or paypal) method,Bitcoin is protected privacy.


Register was also easy at "chainblock wallet"


You don't need to use cash for put you in terror to Authorities yourself.

(By the way,I am completely legal)


Office moving is done today.

Looking forward to consulting your case:)

Market Research.

I started new program for marketing/Market Research purpose.

And It is clearly showing reality as number.


From left,







Originals(Rotterdam at moment)


As first to say,

I am quite surprised lots of people's foot prints more than I expected.(Appreciate to everyone!)

Those Ads created for 3days.


I realized My popularity are from Germany(Berlin) and Belgium.

Then unfortunately I am Not popular in The Netherlands.Paris.

Especially my base city in Rotterdam is worst.

(I can't tells in this pic,)Foot prints in Original ad for 3days  are just 40.


Completely Legalizing availability with Japanese passport is only Vienna,Rotterdam and Utrecht in Europe.(How's Haarlem btw?do you know Haalem release license, somebody?) 

I can't expect  Utrecht because more less people than Rdam.


Vienna is very notrious city for Asian discrimination same as Germany(except Berlin) 


I can say Society disturbing my work,clients(dusabled,LGBTQI) benefit.

I am forced legalizing in no demanded countries.


If Officially paid work in Out of The Netherlands,I have gotten arrested and put in Jail and limited entry 2years.

That's a same level crime of EUROPEAN stub on street in Not their origin Europe country.


My work meeting isn't cleared legal in many times.

But not crime.

I help and support people,people's difficulties.

I only create win-win.

I pay Tax to the Netherlands honesty full amount seriously be accepted by Holland society. 


But I only have one friend from Haarlem .Guessing my job is neck for making friend in Holland.

(I do not hide my job in public)


I don't think I am a same grade of person who stub somebody on street.


Euro labor system in Adult industry is taking away euro worker's efforts mind because they can get work even very bad behaving.

But also increasing uneducated worker,thief money boy n girl and real public lisker from Euro countries.

It leads Mafia money resource increase legally.


Wake up,Europe.

Stop privileged Euro countries /discrimination other countries labor law in Euro.

Are you happy kicked out people from Asia with some diproma who willing to be in Adult industry to support Disabled and LGBTQI....

While let staying people from Europe without education who think to snatch money or making money how easy or concentrating client's house stuff or belongings  with hate emotion to adult industry.


Sorry,my story developed diffirent way.

Amyway,I should concentrate to Belgium and German speaker Origin more.

Market in Holland isn't suitable to me clearly???


And To be honest wit you,It is showing degrees of liberal as well.

-Day time Close notice-

The reason office relocation,day time is closing in this weekday for moving and cleaning.


Everyday open from 7pm~Late.

It will be completed on Sunday.

Already 13th Mon,14th Tue has been booked.

Booking is 24/7 available from on 15th Wednesday afternoon.


BUT,To Family is always worth to have flexibility.

Ask me if urgent relief needed.