Respect is never leave thier gabage afte leasure.

Respect is the having shower quietly till partner's waking up.

Respect is the little waiting till others dish arriving.

Respect is the realizing and telling thanks to people who does Above.

Important Respect is have (any) relationship(s) with Above people.Do not with bullshitter from lust or money for other thanksful people.

​The corner

I prefer corner.

I feel comfortable at corner.

I take last car in the train.

I request corner seats in the Restaurant even besides toilet.


Then, Look over all details or try to hide from the atmosphere.


Mrs J told me the happiness is on the corner.

I am happy when I found the rest of body cream on the corner from empty bottle.

It makes my day that the moment I find 2euro coin from the corner of pocket.


My life partner was the corner of friends of mine.

He is the member of musical group.

He is working hard at the corner of stage side which audience never knows.

I respect so much such a him even gorgeous man.


I have a seat today.

With expectation of unexpected corner fortune.

-The happiness is just on the corner- by Mrs J

The darkest place is under the candlestick.灯台もと暗し

I know the world and lots of people's what is thinking or hidden emotion.

But I haven't known myself.

Most complicated is at the closest place.

Be careful to push yourself hard. 

Take it easy. 

Give spot light ? to yourself or closest people or matters

The things

From the day they decided to live for others, people are beautiful and stubborn....and bit sad。



I am a fighter

I am a fighter.

I will show what I belief.

It is a beauty. rearlly it is.

What I got are bullied and Mental illness after followed society.

Fxxk off Society. leave us alone.


Any kinds of addiction,problem isn't in person who has mostly. 
Problems are in family or environment.

Bit of weak or generous personality tend to be in addiction.

by Psychiatrist T

Cove beach

first attached Ocean.

Already Swam with Sea turtle.

I love this Island.