I use Asspig for Show myself up.

They have Escort/Model tick box.

but keep delete my profile and other Escorts profile are keeping there.

I do not want to get down to Time selling industry,I do not report others profile.

I can destroy Asspig escort network. But I am good man to not to do it.

I only victim there is wrong,don't you think?

Do you know someone friend of web Admin?

I need fear explanation from them.

Support me everyone from another discrimination!


Now a days,coming out husband is increased.

They are coming out because of wife is important person or as still best friend.

But It is not rare case wife's mentality isn't mature than Husband.

Husband does not allow to be gay,even hire escort to his animal part flush.

They like treated money providering ugly pet.

Husband's mentality have grown up through wife's crazy and rear up with children mostly.

I got a message from the guy

one of above situation struggle with wife's craziness.

He starts to touch wife's items.

He send picture of muscle hairly ass hole to me.

And He told He opened his ass by wife's lipstick to his desire flushing.

I love the way

Be careful,If your husband is share about sexuality but selfishly restricted his person who it is.

Your today's lip has husband poop or your cosmetic mirror has dirt by  liquid of husband's tummy emzyme 

​? Monogamy

I was told my family's graduation from my service.

The reason is for new relationship and doesn't want make factor of fight.


He is the person who patient gay coming out 40years for wife and kids.


He finally have gotten a freedom,He tries to kill his sexual freedom again.


Why people chase 2 rolls which real life and sexual attraction in 1 person perfectly.


After long hard session,Back to My husband and imagine his face is most peaceful moment.


Monogamy in mind and sexual freedom protected is much more practical relationship.


Because those people who graduated soon or later coming back or getting trouble with Dating App.


Do not choose wrong entrance of new relationship

​Mental Breaking down

I was real humiliated hours by Client 

My poor English

My ability of work

My words

My dish filled love.


I was crushing down and psychosis came out.

I spent horror time in L.A


I am not deserved to such a situation.

My service isn't suitable growing up with Process food guys.


Change mind!

Change city.

I go to NYC tonight.

Bye LA.relax people.

​Travel life

I often told ”jearous you travel lots”

In a way yes.

But mostly I am jearous of normal guys can be settle one place.

My reality is waking up morning same as ordinary people. communication with family clients and cleaning and mail check and ,laundry and food shopping during full tension to website in every city.

Even I lead to potential client to contact mobile directly.Never does lately.

It means I had to stand-by on PC  all the time.And thier way of talking is extremely rough and insecured. 

there's no time to play around like a ordinary people can do "vacation" (my partner give me vacation fortunately)

it just changed living place what ordinary people does in one place.

Each countries very diffirent of selling items. It is hard to get find same items which is laundy detergent,salt and paper any single items.

and it is way costly.

If fortune I get work,But treat as human is quite rarely.And terrified society discrimination.

Any single government doesn't understood oldest work's speciality. and never accept to keep moving necessary on the other hands IT is allowed. working allowness is quite few area and it isn't uncertain tomorrow survival. because nobody knows and can tell reality in the each cities's feature and government policy.

That’s really have to change in the future gathering info by player base.

It is benefit that player can look each cities's good or social problems.

but It is not benefit enough to terrified life day by day ➖

I had a bit rough messaged got by Potencial. I need to be out inside complaining.

​The Job

ofcourse income higher is good for living.

But People's degnity isn't determined by Income diffirences.

Any single job are demamded desparately.That's whay the job is existance.

There is no need to be despire yourself.

Cleaning other people's shit on urinal.

Make smile to sell for 2dollor hamberger.

Candidate data fill in company's plat form.

stink lots to pick up fishing or cattle at middle of nowhere.

Selling party stuff fight with authority.

Standing ticket check at entrance.

Important is love own job.

Work passion can't teach.

Passion is created by ourselves.

And it brings give it something diffirent results or good epidemic to related people or society even not reflected income directly.

But there is "achivement feeling"

That's simply awesome.

there's no need to despire your job

​New Business?

To be honest,I don't have income by dutch.

My 85 percentage turning over rely on International Family clients.


Roomy suggest me to Question and Answer style lecture using meet up source.

For example I am asked how to suck dick.some ladies believe bite by teeth is good for spice.

No way!!!!!dick is not meat.technically spice to dick is fucking,teeth spice also fxxking hurtful.


Answer is soft and hard is controlled by cheek muscle and hold dick by inside skin.use tongue to different feeling giving.

Otherwise use flashlight is 10times feeling good.


Those technical conversation course an hour 25euro. Not bad probably?


People seems doesn't know making love in real....

​In relationship

I sent my partner to the Airport.

His flight is morning.Mine is night.

Our long distance marriage is very limited to spend time together.

Suddenly there's quiet time is around After his leaving.

Suddenly I realized the tactile of his touching my body and his smell and sight of his mask dissapearing.

It made me so much missing feeling rising.

But At same time I realize

How important his existance.

How appreciat importance of this  relationship.

How much I love him.....which people can't feel in close 24/7 

relationship .

I really recommend to make separate time or devided situation if people complain all the time to thier partner.

People must really want to tell what they finding matters in alone time and we can check How much close with partner from desparated miserable devided or actually don't need partner in current relationship.