At Amersfort station…. 

On the way to Germany,I used the train which from Almsfort to Hanover.

It seems very notrious line for stilling baggageed or personal belongings.

Which I saw the guy enter cabin after me (was standing hallway) and grabbed black bag entering car after me and left at almsfor Station.

He has animalistic eyes and bit odd way to getting off,I was partially remembered….

I didn’t think deeply for a while,but 10mins later,guy from behind seat started panic when they faced ticket check by staff.

I just lost the tickets from beginning,but something more serious….

Asked them what is happened and I told what I saw also to staff.

Last night’s really nasty Dutch/british’s fake booking i was leaded right n left 3:30 am.

And he turned his personality modesty gentle to be evil laugh with saying mother fxxcer.

What happened this world Now. I feel only sad beyond upsetting and better to human world should be end.

except Australia n New zealand and some pure innocent person living countries.

I felt so so sorry to him.

He was upset,crying,devastated,enviness few hours in my back seat.

I never have seen dutch n german’s deverstated.

They are very strong mental people.

Why people can do act with really harsh way which you don’t want to get it.

Something wrong.definitely Wrong this world?