Attacking, name of sensitive card.

Matters aren’t talked about clients only.

Some of people use “Sensitive Personality” card to be selfish and behave harmful to others.

In the name of protecting themselves,Never listen what People’s conversation.

Heaps speaking excuse which Never braimed “sensitive person”‘s action.

In the name of sensitive,

They anticipated harmful behave when they detected possibility of  hurt or troubles or economic burden.

For example,the other day I don’t know why “Sensitive Person” gives offensive words repeatedly before “S P”‘s friend self-trip,which is birthday present from “S P”,and lead to big fight middle of night which after last train.

“S P”‘s friend very uncomfortable to stay “S P”‘s room even after Last train.

“S P”‘s friend Left his house and go home freezed  outside by walk 2 hours.

Next day, friend got high fever and also so awkward to recieve his birthday trip.

I Will tell the friend’s feeling to “S P”.

So “S P” apology last night because he had bad day and can’t controll because of “sensitive personality”

And “SP ” went to trip himself replaced “SP”‘s friend.

Some (S P) feels pressure of society,or responsbility or unsatisfy thier life.

Then They insult night worker during they are in the bar.

They discriminate night worker to be respected thier boring day job (which no one respect them)

They will say job is choice (that night work  is blamed fair enough)

with erected dick In front of me.

And emphasized thier job is high reputation in society.

Some of them they want to show how they are nice or how they have ability than I with insult each action. for example “Nari isn’t good English.that’s why I can help your Ad.(but I don’t make it Before You say I am

Amzing!!)” “You don’t need lube because you are sex worker.”


Smart and real Man never things say big.already finished and give me result without any words.Also never compete when they introduce themselves.

Btw the “SP” guy requests return his present(cookies) to me.

His a-hole is really small(expression in Japan uncool meaning)

Do you have such a “SP” in your surrounded?