When I woke up early morning....

When I woke up early day,Going cafe to get energy for performance in Mardi gras.please Join us LGBTQI celebration at Oxford street!

Till work gets busy

My work isn't busy yet.

So I pop over cafe or event Art gallery to spend time and my sensual sense lear.

Looking forward to hearing booking from yo!u

Waking up early morning.

After business started in sydney,Melbourne's business stars full time from today.
Wishing I am essencial to All my family clients still.
4-5 years Away things must be some differences or some invariant.
Sun starts goes up from East side window now.
My dreams came true which are married with Aussie Guy and lives in Melbourne,especially East Melbourne.
I will start walk with cherish and grateful feeling.


10th Sep ー 15th Oct


I use Asspig for Show myself up.

They have Escort/Model tick box.

but keep delete my profile and other Escorts profile are keeping there.

I do not want to get down to Time selling industry,I do not report others profile.

I can destroy Asspig escort network. But I am good man to not to do it.

I only victim there is wrong,don't you think?

Do you know someone friend of web Admin?

I need fear explanation from them.

Support me everyone from another discrimination!


Now a days,coming out husband is increased.

They are coming out because of wife is important person or as still best friend.

But It is not rare case wife's mentality isn't mature than Husband.

Husband does not allow to be gay,even hire escort to his animal part flush.

They like treated money providering ugly pet.

Husband's mentality have grown up through wife's crazy and rear up with children mostly.

I got a message from the guy

one of above situation struggle with wife's craziness.

He starts to touch wife's items.

He send picture of muscle hairly ass hole to me.

And He told He opened his ass by wife's lipstick to his desire flushing.

I love the way

Be careful,If your husband is share about sexuality but selfishly restricted his person who it is.

Your today's lip has husband poop or your cosmetic mirror has dirt by  liquid of husband's tummy emzyme 

​? Monogamy

I was told my family's graduation from my service.

The reason is for new relationship and doesn't want make factor of fight.


He is the person who patient gay coming out 40years for wife and kids.


He finally have gotten a freedom,He tries to kill his sexual freedom again.


Why people chase 2 rolls which real life and sexual attraction in 1 person perfectly.


After long hard session,Back to My husband and imagine his face is most peaceful moment.


Monogamy in mind and sexual freedom protected is much more practical relationship.


Because those people who graduated soon or later coming back or getting trouble with Dating App.


Do not choose wrong entrance of new relationship

​Mental Breaking down

I was real humiliated hours by Client 

My poor English

My ability of work

My words

My dish filled love.


I was crushing down and psychosis came out.

I spent horror time in L.A


I am not deserved to such a situation.

My service isn't suitable growing up with Process food guys.


Change mind!

Change city.

I go to NYC tonight.

Bye LA.relax people.