Can you die tomorrow?

I am a not only energy receptor to be taken my power, but also I have sort of inactive personality.
(Wish I could watch movies and books whole day…)
When I was in Tokyo, I dreamed of success and I am sured my humanity abilities given a great job.
But Economy in Japan is facing serious problem.
I am not hired as good position, not decent salary.
Year round, 2nd year, 3rd year, 4th year….
I was not started regular career, my future isn’t cleared. I wasn’t given a chance.
Then I opened travel book, the page was Melborne, st kilda.
2 weeks later, I landed in Australia with only 2 suits case.
When I opened travel book, I intended to look as refreshing mind.
But 4 years struggle would be same even 10 years later, 20 years later…
or i might die tomorrow by stress
(I lost conscious in train several times thoes days)
I questioned myself.
“Can you die today?”
“No.I didn’t enjoy anything in my life”
Keep asking the question each moment, Then I am here and could find beautiful blossoms in Zurich.
I am not enough to enjoy life, but At least i don’t regret If I die tomorrow.
Also living with death is no fear of terrorism, accidents, etcetc.
Everybody gets old, Everybody will die soon or later