​The Job

ofcourse income higher is good for living.

But People's degnity isn't determined by Income diffirences.

Any single job are demamded desparately.That's whay the job is existance.

There is no need to be despire yourself.

Cleaning other people's shit on urinal.

Make smile to sell for 2dollor hamberger.

Candidate data fill in company's plat form.

stink lots to pick up fishing or cattle at middle of nowhere.

Selling party stuff fight with authority.

Standing ticket check at entrance.

Important is love own job.

Work passion can't teach.

Passion is created by ourselves.

And it brings give it something diffirent results or good epidemic to related people or society even not reflected income directly.

But there is "achivement feeling"

That's simply awesome.

there's no need to despire your job

​New Business?

To be honest,I don't have income by dutch.

My 85 percentage turning over rely on International Family clients.


Roomy suggest me to Question and Answer style lecture using meet up source.

For example I am asked how to suck dick.some ladies believe bite by teeth is good for spice.

No way!!!!!dick is not meat.technically spice to dick is fucking pain.so,teeth spice also fxxking hurtful.


Answer is soft and hard is controlled by cheek muscle and hold dick by inside skin.use tongue to different feeling giving.

Otherwise use flashlight is 10times feeling good.


Those technical conversation course an hour 25euro. Not bad probably?


People seems doesn't know making love in real....

​In relationship

I sent my partner to the Airport.

His flight is morning.Mine is night.

Our long distance marriage is very limited to spend time together.

Suddenly there's quiet time is around After his leaving.

Suddenly I realized the tactile of his touching my body and his smell and sight of his mask dissapearing.

It made me so much missing feeling rising.

But At same time I realize

How important his existance.

How appreciat importance of this  relationship.

How much I love him.....which people can't feel in close 24/7 

relationship .

I really recommend to make separate time or devided situation if people complain all the time to thier partner.

People must really want to tell what they finding matters in alone time and we can check How much close with partner from desparated miserable devided or actually don't need partner in current relationship.

​Ugly's Behaving Style

The world is inequality.

ABBA sang "Winner take all”

It is all true.

Handsome man take every guys (girls).

But Universe gives all men to "good point"

Some are gorgous dick given instead of mask.

Some are status or carrer given(taken).

Some are generous heart more than deep blue ocean.

Then, paciently have to wait the timing to show to your precious man (or girl).

The chance is given all men.

Never lose or timing.

otherwise ugly will fail.

Some ugly my friends told me nobody likes them.

But looking them well, Thier man hunt is next to next.Never forcus one man paciently.

It is "winner"'s behaving.

Heaps Ugly have to wait and focus one man.(or girl)

I was a overweight(150cm/70kg 5"/150pound) boy.

I have been there.

​During trip to Hana

We faced twilighting man.

what is matter,What his thinking,nobody knows...

Before way serious,open your heart to me.my door is opened always.



​Why Family?

I grew up in country side.

fortunately family accept who I am.

But Everyone knows neibour can't accept this without words.

So even I am first born male,they let me go out from the country society.

And also my family doesn't get along each other to be back home cheering up.

We are fight each other let down each other.

I grew up as gay culture in Tokyo.

Hidden,insecured,complecated,surface relationships and friendships.

I was fed up the poor humanity really.

Then time was came when I had arrived in Australia.

I was lowest working class and Loser to start time seller.

But reallity was diffirent.

Friend from share house, Client from sauna is very humanity and respect me and support with strong hope and liberal.

They are the "family” more than anything in my history.

5years past now,I have connection with them without nothing diffirent.I believe work relationship is special for me still.

Regular Client is my family which warm atmosphere and can open to talk anything and trust them.and I am same existance for them.

If you feel good or lust or whatever something in me,shall we be family?

My door is always opened for good gentle man.


Respect is never leave thier gabage afte leasure.

Respect is the having shower quietly till partner's waking up.

Respect is the little waiting till others dish arriving.

Respect is the realizing and telling thanks to people who does Above.

Important Respect is have (any) relationship(s) with Above people.Do not with bullshitter from lust or money for other thanksful people.

​The corner

I prefer corner.

I feel comfortable at corner.

I take last car in the train.

I request corner seats in the Restaurant even besides toilet.


Then, Look over all details or try to hide from the atmosphere.


Mrs J told me the happiness is on the corner.

I am happy when I found the rest of body cream on the corner from empty bottle.

It makes my day that the moment I find 2euro coin from the corner of pocket.


My life partner was the corner of friends of mine.

He is the member of musical group.

He is working hard at the corner of stage side which audience never knows.

I respect so much such a him even gorgeous man.


I have a seat today.

With expectation of unexpected corner fortune.

-The happiness is just on the corner- by Mrs J

The darkest place is under the candlestick.灯台もと暗し

I know the world and lots of people's what is thinking or hidden emotion.

But I haven't known myself.

Most complicated is at the closest place.

Be careful to push yourself hard. 

Take it easy. 

Give spot light ? to yourself or closest people or matters

The things

From the day they decided to live for others, people are beautiful and stubborn....and bit sad。