Favor of all family and customers n potential customers 

I got a phone call from dutch authority today.

One of dutch guy disappeared 7weeks (and he has mental illness.

And he seems has connection between me.)

There’s some information given,

Lots of cross over But i am not sure who it is clearly because lots of conflicts which I have one.

His wife seems quite deverstated on the phone,but She is very down to earth type of likable woman.

She is ready to accept everything.

She just wishing the guy’s safety back.

I look after your fun part.

Social workers after systematic things.

Doctors  after your sick. 

Please contact to wife and family to tell your safe.

then if possible comes back.

Team is ready in holland.

We are willing to support you.

To all costomers.

If you give me wrong information,it is little tough to determine in argent moment.

please don’t give me wrong several information.

Just hide it.

Have my service is quite limited people who have good heart and decent and noble gentleman.

And if you are the my family more than one time allowance…

Yes.you know what is the meaning.

If I say little harsh,I don’t remember the contractant which can’t share your long away or important matters to your cherished people.

freedom is given based on responsibility.