Good-Bye Instagram.

My Instagram Account is vanished.

I picked Sexual Art Pics carefully always and serious phyrosophy,Knowledge,suitable even teens look it.
I don’t Use there for bloomed Advertisement Porn Pic and abusing public.

I knew I touched instagram community rule.So vanished is sort of fine (Even I was shocked a day for shouting out society n internet,mobile)
But without showing sexual beauty or Art,How I can explain my work comfession?

Instagram management is under Facebook.
It means Social Media which is almost all people have undercontrolled by one company or manipulated by IOS(Apple) policy.
As Beginning of company, Community Rule must be suitable.
But Time to dig deep to right of Freedom speech and Freedom expression.

Prostitution or Adult industry were losing rights(I meant composed in society) from 19th century by wars at various countries.

Late 20th and 21th century,Prostitution rights started to Build up and shown again by Democracy Political replaced by Dynasty Politics

IT guys are liberal in general.
But They are Younger age like my age group.
They don’t known enough knowledge of deal with Sensitive parts and Rights topic is less important.
because They never had experienced live without freedom.

To be continued….2nd Nov