Groumet Nari…

But Obsessed to go to diner when I am in The U.S.

I was thinking “if I am in the NYC,probably something change my feeling.”

 But my motivation to work is still way low.

Even my regulars,cheat my fee or “game conversation”

In the End,I couldn’t change anything time sell industry.

I can’t give good impact to society.

What I done is making fear my partner and friends relation.

put me as criminal and feel nothing to sitting diner to look Trump’s news.

I was told “nasty” yesterday.

I have no words.

I better to stop this work probably.

Because client almost all is no one help me.

They push me dangerous matters and if something happened,push some money and run away and laughing with his family pretended nothing or happy on Penthouse.

I am not sure There’s value to save thoes people.

My pasta became salty at last parts.