I have no word.because feel very much Zurich Family’s generous.

I am very focused to my mentality of passion to Contractant  and industry this few days.

Fortunately,My potential client since 2 years ago have encourage himself to contruct with me.

probably he is known my crisis in Dublin in my website Here or FB.

Another one is discounted regular family.

So he always makes time to pick at Zurich Airport and sometimes accept my invitation of dine out or drink or something his effort to fill up.

And My families in Zurich  are very welcoming about me and keep to request my service even I am not a local 

In few days,I made quite busy and no time to look FB.Good meaning of disappearing this time.

Please don’t worry???

My one of contractant,getting along well,booked me as overnight first time.

I have done Dublin loss  EVEN(0) the point today.

I can relief intensive of finance from now.But keep push myself to have only positive mentality cut off emotion of Cruel Dublin and European clients.

Respect my industry,Mindfulness replying even potentials starts to talk to me like a meat materials which accept Europe’s reality of time sales industry.

Actually I had a insane cancelled while heading by Uber this early morning.

Simply,I really don’t want someone get same situation in the  future.

So I shared this morning experience to some other Zurich players.

Normally it is ignorant in other cities,but Zurich player greeting and also  LastDiamond(planetRomeo) try to approach to help me the A-hole meth head client to hundle.

I felt very good touching someone other Players soft side.

Wishing good contractant reach good one.

Hope enjoy shit client face shit player only.

(Btw I can’t recomend Marcus_boys.He is brainless shit type.)

What he replying after my message of this morning experience and wishing his success are 

[sorry I did not understand,explain better]

Yeah,because you don’t have brain to read one more time or understand 

and always deamanding of someone looking after you because he

Believes handsome himself?

Whatever( this is my personal imagination.maybe not)