Nari is safe. 

Nari is safe. 
He is currently getting treatment in the rehab clinic. 
I’m Hana Sato, a best friend of him and living with him. I’m writing this post to let you know what has been happened to him.
Whenever he get stressed out, he has tried to work out the problem by using methamphetamine and it brought him psychosis after all. His brain couldn’t tell reality anymore and he has never seen such a realistic hallucination before so he couldn’t accept that everything is hallucination.
On 19th of March, he was supposed to visit his client in Germany. But when he took the train in Amsterdam, he thought all the passengers are his enemies and they’re going to kill him. 
I picked him up near Switzerland and took him to an emergency hospital and the doctors recognized that he has psychosis and needs to stay in the clinic.
He had been confused and frustrated but finally he could tell reality when I visited him yesterday. 
He still has to stay there at least 3 weeks and I’m doing my best to help him. I believe he can get better soon because he’s motivated to get treatment by professional support and looking forward to meeting you again. 
Thank you for reading.