My job required to have tough heart.

It is not meaning of offending or attacking someone.

Meaning of wise enough to stand like a aged tree.

Because even providing best service ever my life,

explained truth of holiness which beyond higher than people’s imagination,

Got experienced and agreeded about reality,

But I am a whore or just business man or sneered my core passion.

I am a human with warm blood and passion and liberal. 

I studied/experienced nutrition.

I have Agricultural bio-resource  bachelor degree.

I am from most longest life area even in Japan which we know What is the best to eat.

I have qualified shiatsu-traditional massure and swim/aquabics instructor which required morphology,molecular biology knowledge.

And maybe I know what happened in 11,12 centuries.

Maybe I know truth of main religions which killing each other.

Maybe I know spiritual and science is really connected and both of part as astronomy.

So I am studing about love now.

And I think I got a answer now….

What is “Neutral”.

I will do truly love my customer which same level of what they are giving to me.

But please don’t destroy your finance.

Please don’t over the your line of purpose to this industry.

Please anytime have respect and reveral and fairness.

I will forgive 2-3 times which I do mistake sometimes as well.

If there’s problem, always available  to communicate.

If people wise enough,Please look back to your personal relationship as well.

I think there’s hint to your difficulties or bring to bright side.

(Which I learned myself everyday this 5 years  and more sure!)

If contractant have done same bullshit or breed discord more than 3 times,there’s possibility to be resigned by my side.

If it is the happened,guy never availability to concent me unfortunately.


People doesn’t feel not so damaged if reached this level.

I will zip my mouth,I will respect people’s decision and opinion even If I know the best.

 I will stand strong and concentrate my small number of family contractant with floods of love and cheering with big smile and care.

while insulted,rejected,demanded,cheated,full of bullshits by society day by day.

Even today.

But No one can put me down no more:)

My love will be provided who need and deserved person.

I need very enough that my family knows about this industry’s reality.

Unfortunately My service is not for everyone.

Sincerely I will apology the some specific group of people can’t have my service.

I am not talking about Fee.

Love is always on the corner.❤️

I feel each one’s love.

Lately I am not flexible to reply messaging.

But truely reached your love to me. Let me write here to appreciation before replying messaging each.
Biiiiiig ❤