Open relationship(As male stand)

I will recommend open- relationship in any relationship. 

Even  not,should have spaces of comprehension in relationship.

There’s 2 intercourse in male (more or less).

One is as love which people knows it.

Another is as just fun.

There is quite unique roll in This “Fun” one….

“Fun” intercourse brings refresh feeling,irritating or high stress vanished effectively to calm nerves ultimately.

But unfortunately,”fun”sex never provided to male unless people have chosen partner by sexual performance.

Either way wife or partner admit free sex or not,almost all male ,which chose partner as not sexual performance,does “fun” sex somewhere.

Then Male will touch various way to find solution.

but they try to uncover thier spec the reason protect thier family or work or something.

As if reflection of mirror,hiding profile never gets good results.

But also Apple,Google,yahoo and facebook,they are showing and breaking out your privacy connections.

Men! Give out your spec to prepare yourself for the worst.

Then get best man or woman.

Soon or later your secret coming out.

(At least I will strictly protect your privacy by the way.)


If you want to have calm, generous and decent partner,

give partner’s underbody free time to hang out freely.