Rehab Diary



Psychosis can be healed with time,

There is not a medicine to paint on an idiot.

Some dutch driving for save me by 6hours driving and kicked his important school scedule.

But On the other hands,Some dutch Extremely rich which they kept telling Me”support you” 8 times and “Loving me” or “attention to me” to this sick guy.

What I told,What i wrote,nothing remembered.

Even he didn’t scroll up messaging which he forced me too and yelling to me by calling which I was in Supermarket in only 4hours free time outside in a day.

Because I didn’t say he is good.

And Supermarket’s stuff so cold to me after this calling and knows I have psychosis. 

And I haven’t got nothing from him.

Any one penny.

And I did get extremely stress and almost I said F words.

Former guy is natural world in Dutch society.

Later one is my world of Dutch.

I am in Former type of guy’s world.

I do not get back to later one.


I only service to people live in Former world.

I will be careful.?❤️???

I should start instagram Again.

Even My account is deleted.

Because I have found Nice New family there:)

Someone look me with real love.