-That’s New York-

Did you remembered I got marriage proposal from guy in Rockefeller family(I do not want to be killed by hitman,I don’t show name) when I lived in NYC?

I got a phone call again from him.

Such as 3years absence.

It was early morning again,But fortunately he is sober.

We had a great talk this time.

He is still looking for his Mr,right.

I could explain i have fiancé and he is accepting my work and strong passion to Escorting.So my family share me and life eternity.

But I couldn’t explain well or his sadness emotion dominant to block this useful information.

Then The End is same like last time.

Nearly I couldn’t hear what he said but suddenly hang up calling

I guess not that so many people can be beyond my fiancé.

Independent n strong patient n fairness n care n respect n down to earth n give me free will.also he can change his belief when he realized another one is right….even Scorpion.

Then,little clumsy❤️?

I felt nothing about Rockefeller guy even hang up roughly.

I surprised myself about my growing up.

And could text him that his way of End is horrible.also blocked his number.

Because I only use my time to my family.

No exception people who is authorities or has 70 percents of wealth of world.

When people be a naked nobody upper or below.

All same.

This is Nari way.

I love you Craig❤️ and my families?