Time to say good-bye

I have gotten a position who can speeach freely and showing my job category’s diversity and Depth of mentality.

But Human keep said to me just Prostitute (I don’t judge it by my side surely),Human took  only thier favourite information with bending my pure thought.

I have never ever intended to  hand in my ass and dick in my work.

I really wanted to be oppotunities that every worker’s safety and freedom and pride given in the future.

But I decided to close information again to protect myself.

Because I figured out that not only sneaky sneaky rat access my information with inappropriate purpose.

But also  for someone thinking of me and live long with beautiful personality.

It is really tough for me.

Because If I don’t show it,People lose chance to correct recognition of Prostitute or Escort orTime seller or Adult industry.

Future worker keep exploitation thier life.

I dissapointed to human.

Human are halmful and ugly.

I will take current family only to wonderful human connection.

I can’t be no more.because I become a nobody again.

Bye stupid society.You are loss def.